garment no.1

 mended, for Christopher

this item already had some mending done to it which i had to work with and incorporate that into my mending, as you can see it's an incredibly loved jumper and it had many holes, i chose the bright mustard/yellow colour thread in contrast to the plum lambs wool of the jumper, it stands out and there is no mistaking that the item has been mended, i feel it adds to it's continuing story, it has been mended a second time round now, using different coloured thread, maybe it will be mended a third time and the mender than shall use a different technique and colour


  1. That's a lovely job you did. I came across sashiko a couple of years ago but forgot that it was meant to be about mending things and not just a decorative technique. I have many clothes with little holes etc in them and this gives them a much more interesting way of being cared for. Thank you for sharing and for your project.

  2. Meant to say: Can you write more about how you mended the items? I've only just begun mending and it would be a great help to learn more about how to do it in this fashion (or perhaps post some links if that's easier). Thanks again.


thank you