garment no.5

This item has been visibly stitched for George, this dress had two stains on the front, a food stain and an ink stain so I used Sashiko inspired stitching to make the stains less visible and the dress wearable. I decided to link the stains together with a straight running stitch and a linked seven treasures stitch or shippo tsunagi. This stitch follows through the natural grain of the fabric and I used black thread to be consistent with the stitching already on the dress. The colour black against the white is perfect for enhancing the stitching detail.


  1. your stich made the dress so artistic one. i like the way you made simple stitches on this.

  2. I love the work you have done to these garments. Such a talent.

    1. thank you lucy, I shall be sending you your top back very soon x


thank you