Sashiko stitch hanging

This hanging has been made for part of the exhibition for the completion of this project, the hanging will be exhibited alongside 3 items of the mended clothing.
Different stitches are used on the wall hanging to demonstrate the beauty of the simple running stitch used decoratively in intricate designs. The clothing exhibited will show the usefulness of the stitch in order to mend and enhance once deemed unwearable clothing, the stitch on the clothing is used more freely and less precisely, similar to the damage or stain on the garment itself.
The placement on the wall hanging is not about a central focus, Sashiko can be used to mend and reinforce;  often damage may be on a seem or hem or knee, not the central point of an item but the stitch draws the eye to the peripheries of the garment, it's about enhancing/mending a piece without being too precise and exact, celebrating the damage, this hanging demonstrates this, celebrating aspects of the Japanese world view 'Wabi Sabi'.

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