garment no.8

Garment no.8 belongs to Lyndsey the owner of the blog and shop 'what you sow'.

This item on arrival already had some mending, I unpicked the stitches that had been holding the tear together and rebuilt the buttonhole area using vintage kimono lining. 

I used machine cotton as I felt the Sashiko thread was slightly too thick for this particular mend. I used two colours and created a cross over pattern called 'Jujuzashi' creating a cross stitch which starts off with the 'Yokogushi' horizontal row stitch. 


  1. Wow, it looks ace. Thanks for sorting out my pathetic attempt at fixing it and for making it look beautiful. x x x x

    1. I don't think it was a pathetic attempt, I thought you had mended it well it had just worn away again and needed a little reinforcement is all. I am glad you like it, makes me very pleased, I am also glad it can be worn again x


thank you