garment no.9

Garment no.9 belongs to Jonnet Middleton

This item is a chinese silk blouse that has been hand died and unfortunately developed patches of uneven dye and stains in the process. The garment has no holes or tears. 

I have visibly enhanced and mended this garment by using a thin cotton thread in white to match the buttons on the blouse. I have followed round the stains with a running stitch and joined the stains together with one continuous running stitch. I was unsure at first what I may do as the detailing on the shirt made it difficult to work out what may go with it, I took pieces of the design already on the shirt out and sketched them on paper and placed them on the shirt to see if they would work. After some times I decided this wasn't going to work and realises something simple that enhances the blouse but shows the history of it's use would be more appropriate, this is when I began to frame the stains and use them to guide the pattern. 


thank you